A professional brand, beautiful website, complete web software platform and marketing strategy?.......No problem.

Creating the look and feel of brand from scratch is more than just a clean, professional logo.  It needs to represent the promise that company makes to its customer.  Simple Outreach was created to provide an all-in-one, simple way to execute email outreach for B2B companies. The customer profile was geared toward business owners and marketing professionals.  We decided to emphasize the simplicity of the product in everything we created.  From the logo all the way to the actual software, it had to be simple to understand and to use.


Social video ad that runs on FB, Instagram and Twitter.  

Walk Thru Video eplaining an important part of the platform.

Social post for Facebook

Social post for Facebook

Social post for Facebook


Our clients were more than happy.  Once they saw everything come together, it gave life to an idea that was only a rough concept in their minds.  Great branding gave this new company its identity, and it positively sparked the entire effort to prepare it for it's launch in January 2018.  Videorize 360 is now in the process of creating video demos and stories to assist and engage customers on multiple channels.  Stay tuned....