“We know our sites could be better, but we can’t get them to that next level.”


That’s what we heard on the first phone call with Landmark. Their dated and fragmented sites, weren’t doing the job anymore and it was even starting to negatively affect their business. We then explained how creating great websites doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or a long drawn out process. We assured our clients that we specialize not only in the technical aspects, but even more so in the design aspects that makes boring sites into impressive, professional websites.

We transformed Landmark Health’s facility sites into beautiful representations of their businesses. We looked into who the audience was and identified what the old sites weren’t doing a good job of. We changed the sites into easy to navigate and visually comforting experiences. The emotional aspect of searching for a rehabilitation or nursing home for a loved one was something we wanted to accommodate for. So, we focused on using imagery that showed the human element involved.

The second need for all facilities web presence was to make the sites optimized for Search Engines. We also make contact processes as easy as possible from anyone interested in learning more. We included customize email capture, contact forms, admisions and job application forms, and scheduling widgets to help integrate important, every day processes for each facility.

Last (but not least) we provide 24/7 support for content additions, Google Analytic reporting and routine maintenance. Our 360 support means you’ll always have someone to contact to react to any issues/needs immediately. We’re here for you.



All of our sites are responsive, making the Landmark sites look great on any device.


Click facility logo below to view the individual sites: