InfluenceR Campaigns


Get your product into the hands of people who make a real impact.

Influencer campaigns are an effective way to build your brand organically.  Sometimes they call this method 'word-of-mouth' marketing because when people get recommendations from people they follow and trust, it makes them more inclined to try it and buy it.  Videorize 360 is perfectly suited to set up an influencer campaign for your product.  Not only do we have the experience, but we have the creative chops to make everything work and look correctly for maximum impact. 



Here's how it works:

  • Outreach

    With our lead generation and email outreach team and resources, we get in contact with the ideal influencers for your product.

  • Sign-up

    We'll set up a landing page for this program that all interested influencers can come to sign up. It will tell them the incentives of sharing with their followers.

  • Participation

    Campaign participants try and share your product to their followers and friends. The organic and viral effect can be massive. A brilliant way to get brand exposure and of course, sales!

  • Feedback

    We provide a form for the influencers to provide feedback on their experience using and sharing your product. This leads to invaluable insights into how well your product and brand are connecting with consumers.