Top Ways to Ensure Your Sales Pitch Matches Your Marketing Message

For most companies, sales and marketing are different entities. One brings attention and interest to your brand and business, while the other closes the deal. But For potential clients, sales and marketing are indistinguishable. Or at least they should be.

That's because marketing and sales, at their best, are barely noticeable. They subtly convince your audience about your product or service's benefit, and then guide them through the right channels to become customers.

Organizations across industries build separate sales and marketing functions that might not align or even clash. As a result, they lose out of potentially significant revenue. To make sure that is not the case, consider these top ways to align your marketing message and sales pitch.


Create Message Pillars

To make sure your marketing and sales efforts match up, they have to be focused on the same message. It is not enough to simply create a marketing and brand message, and then build the sales pitch in isolation. Instead, both should be built from the same origin point. The goal is to build universal message pillars. These pillars, sum up your brand's core benefits and features, as they relate to your audience. They should be based on comprehensive research into audience preferences and pain points, as well as the competitive environment.

Think of your messaging pillars as an extension of your core value proposition. They are complex positioning statements that place your brand at a unique spot in the larger industry context.


Coordinated Marketing/Sales Planning

Another valuable step is to engage in unified planning efforts. Each of your team’s likely plans out the strategy that best helps them accomplish their monthly, annual, and long-term goals.

Coordinate your planning activities between marketing and sales, and that sharing process can take place. You might even be able to use insights you haven't otherwise considered, simply due to the fact that you get a perspective from outside the regular planning room.

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Unified Sales Funnel

At its core, the sales funnel is simple: prospects discover your brand, express interest, and eventually become qualified for a sales call. At that point, they receive the pitch and hopefully become prospects. But as any experienced marketing or sales professional knows, the reality is not nearly that simple.

Build a unified sales funnel, which considers your customer journey from beginning to end. Then, derive all marketing and sales efforts from that customer journey. Insights gained from marketing campaigns, for instance, can be invaluable to your sales team. An agent looking to close a deal might find information about how your audience found out about your business, or what web pages they've visited in the process. Also, data from the sales team can inform future marketing efforts. If the same question pops up again and again during a sales call, you might want to build a lead attraction that addresses it and attracts others with the same question. Sharing data helps you extend the effectiveness of both your marketing and sales effort.

Fortunately, unification between both is easier than you might think. Take the above steps to make sure your sales pitch matches your marketing message. Then, work with us to take your efforts to the next level. We can help you build a comprehensive customer acquisition strategy designed to not just attract attention and interest but actually leverage that interest into long-term customers. You can also find more about Videorize 360 on DesignRush.

The Videorize 360 Team