The Best Ways to Use Social Media to Get More Reviews

Reviews of your business may have started nearly 10 years ago as a trend but today it is one of the most powerful influencers on your business's online and real-world success in the industry. What your customers say about you online and how many stars they feel you have earned is a great influence on how future potential customers perceive your business and how well you might be able to serve them.

In other words, what people say about you online really does matter, especially if they go through the trouble to say it with a star rating and a quick recommendation on one of the several major business-reviewing sites.

Because customers understand the value of complete information, the number of reviews you have matters almost as much as your average star count. Businesses who have been reviewed hundreds of times and still average a high star rating can be trusted to provide consistently high-quality products, services, or experiences so customers are constantly looking for these high numbers and stars before choosing a new business to try.

There are a lot of ways to encourage past and future customers to leave you reviews and your social media campaign is one of the perfect places to implement your review-building tactics.

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Ask for Reviews

The first tip we can give is incredibly simple. Be honest about how much you want reviews. Be enthusiastic about your love of reviews. This way, when they buy something or visit your business and are happy with the experience, they'll remember that it's easy to return the favor with a positive review. All other review-building tactics build on this first one as you help your customers remember to review and encourage them to leave new reviews after new experiences.


Highlight Favorite Reviews

The next step after making it clear how much you like reviews is to start rewarding customers who leave reviews you like. While you should always leave negative reviews in plain sight answered with considerate responses from your business, spotlighting positive reviews is a great way to bring the attention onto what you do best and what you want to see more of. Focus on reviews that not only say you're great, but go into why in detail and leave flattering pictures as well.

Highlight your favorite reviews each week shows your community not only that you definitely read and respond to the reviews they leave. Explain what you like about each review and encourage others to leave such positive and constructive reviews as well.


Personally Thank Reviewers

Highlighting isn’t your only way to say 'thank you' and, in fact, you can thank even more reviewers than you can spotlight. Every time you get a positive review, make a public note and thank the reviewer by name for their kind words and invite them warmly to join you again as a customer or guest.


Link to Your Favorite Review Sites

One of the best ways to increase your review count is too simply to make it easier for your customer base to review on the right websites. You know which sites you care about most for reviews. Google Business is at the top of everyone's list but you may also want to curate your reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Angie's List depending on your industry and customer base. Add links, icons, and badges to anything you can, including your social media page and posts you share. When these links are easy to find, customers and community members are more likely to leave reviews.


Ask for Pictures

If there is one thing that almost every business benefits from, it's pictures from happy customers. Dining establishments, in particular, benefit from the food selfie trend but products, venues, and services can also gain a little extra punch in their promotions with customer-provided images. These are even better when included as media backup for reviews. Ask your social media audience for pictures of products they've bought from you or experiences they've had with your business. This will get them thinking about creating more pictures and sharing them with the community, which will bring them right back around to reviewing.

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The Videorize 360 Team