Stats That Highlight the Importance of Content Marketing Consultants


As you know, if you want your website or blog to attract organic traffic and rank higher in search engine results, you need to publish quality content on a regular basis. However, if you’re too busy focusing on generating new business leads and tweaking your products and services, you may not have the time or energy to come up with new ideas for content regularly.

Unfortunately, lacking the time or resources is not an excuse for a lackluster website or blog. If you simply can’t get your site to where it needs to be, you should consider hiring a content marketing consultant. The job of a content marketing consultant is to offer expert advice and help you create a content strategy that will engage your readers. Here are some statistics that highlight the importance of a content marketing consultant.


Amount of Content Shared Every Day

Unless your business is in a niche or industry that is cutting edge or truly untapped for whatever reason, you face a lot of competition when it comes to content marketing. In the past few years, just about every business has realized the importance of having a strong online presence. Accordingly, you will be hard-pressed to find a business that does not have some form of a website or blog online, no matter how primitive or undeveloped this site might be.

Each day, over 25,000,000 pieces of content are shared. Businesses are definitely responsible for much of this content, which means you face a lot of competition. To ensure your website or blog is among the cream of the crop, you should hire a content marketing consultant to help you with your content marketing strategy.


Percentage of Companies That Outsource Content Marketing

If you simply don’t have the time to handle content marketing all by yourself, you’re not alone. A whopping 62% of all companies outsource their content marketing so that they can focus on other aspects of their business, such as product development.

Even if you do have the time to handle content marketing without the help of a content marketing consultant, this statistic indicates that you may be preventing your business from getting ahead of its competitors by doing so. No matter how much time you have, a skilled content marketing consultant will probably be able to come up with a better content marketing strategy than you can. Hiring a content marketing consultant may be necessary to keep up with the competition.

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Active Blogs and Leads

An active blog is the key to generating new business leads. Since it costs money to hire a content marketing consultant, many business owners refuse to see the value of content marketing. However, no matter how much one tries to diminish the importance of content marketing, it does not change the fact that companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads than companies without active blogs. If your business model depends on the generation of business leads, hiring a content marketing consultant to run your blog is a good investment, no matter how you slice or dice it.



Consumers and Content Marketing

Many consumers prefer content marketing to cold calls. If you ask a consumer about their opinion of cold calls, it is almost certain that you will receive a negative response. This should be a sufficient reason to make the transition to inbound marketing tactics like content marketing if you haven’t already. Many consumers react positively to content marketing because it shows them the value of your products and services in a non-invasive way. It also allows them to trust your brand to deliver and make good on its promises.



Content Rich Sites

The more consumers trust your brand and the products and services you offer, the more likely they will to opt in or make a purchase. Therefore, you should focus on improving the authority of your site. One way you can do this is by getting back links from authority websites so that your own site can rank higher in the search engines.

If you have no idea how to go about doing this, one way you can start is by ensuring your website or blog is content rich. Content rich websites generate 97% more links than websites that could use far more content. To ensure your website or blog is content rich, you should hire a content marketing consultant to help you come up with a good content marketing strategy.



Importance of Detailed Content

Due to the substantial amount of content that is published on a daily basis on the Internet, the importance of producing detailed content for your blog or website is greater than ever. 500-word blog posts are simply not enough for many consumers anymore. The idea that all Internet users have short attention spans is no longer true. 90% of consumers find detailed content useful. While this may seem like a disadvantage, this is actually a plus for businesses, because it means consumers will spend more time on their websites and blogs.

In order to stand out among the competition, it is best to produce lengthier content. The average page that ranks first on Google search results for a keyword has between 2000 to 2500 words. 1000-word blog posts and articles are quickly becoming the standard in the content marketing world. While you may have the time and initiative to plan, write, and edit short pieces of content, chances are you simply cannot dedicate the time to write content that is double or triple the length. Therefore, you should hire a content marketing consultant who will be able to help you provide content of greater length and value.

As you can see, it is vital to hire a content marketing consultant in this day and age. Due to all the advantages of having a good content marketing strategy, you will find hiring a content marketing consultant a worthwhile investment. If you would like to learn more information about the importance of a content marketing consultant, contact us

The Videorize 360 Team