Optimizing Your Social Video "Clickability" to Increase Your Audience

When it comes to modern marketing, every campaign and asset has different purposes and must be optimized to serve each one effectively. For social video, those catchy semi-promotional videos, your goal is more than just making interesting and entertaining content or designing a format your audience can recognize. Remember that there is a great way to increase the reach and impact of your social videos: clickability. You want every single person who sees your social video post scroll by on a wall, hashtag feed, or likes to be unable to resist clicking on your video and then watching it all the way through. Here's how to do it:


Use Your First Few Frames

'Autoplay' is a feature that has become increasingly popular with social media platforms, especially the big names like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Unlike YouTube where this term means 'automatically plays next video' instead, on these platforms autoplay means that when a user mouses over a thumbnail, the first few seconds of your video plays to give them a quick preview. This is a great little feature can make your videos irresistible to click on, but only if you start moving in the very first few frames and that movement is something that peaks the interest of your viewers.

To make the most of this feature, we suggest designing your 'first few frames' as part of your episode format, giving the most visually interesting preview of the video content before your opening logo or 'Hello and Welcome' introduction.


Unusual Titles = Curious Viewers

Your autoplay movement caught someone's attention and now they're actually deciding if they want to watch your video. This thought is a split-second, a moment's consideration primarily influenced by those opening frames and... That is correct. Your title. Your title should inspire curiosity and a strong urge to find out just what the title could mean for your video content or the answer to the question you've posed. Depending on your industry and target audience, the title could be anything from bizarre references to your personal stories to DIY how-to guides. As long as it draws viewers in and accurately represents the video at the same time, the title is doing its job.



Open with the Attention Grabber

Well done! You got the click and now someone is watching your video. Now the trick is to keep them interested so that your video isn't closed in the first five seconds. That's why most people start with some kind of attention-grabber. This is a lot like our first few frames but now you're working with the full video, sound and everything. Have your hosts do something wacky, film something from an odd angle, or provide a fascinating tidbit of information as your opener. Do something to prevent people from quickly dismissing your video as boring and moving on before they watch your actual content.


Engaging Use of Sound and Music

For your social media viewers able to watch with the sound on, the last thing they want is a silent or audibly boring video. Even if you're covering a relatively mundane topic like how to fix a vacuum, you can grab attention and enhance engagement with your soundtrack alone. Catchy or eerie music, sound effects, and interesting background noise are all a great place to start but don't wait until the video's halfway through. Social media viewers can click away at lightning speed so make sure to get started with both content and music or sound effects pretty quickly.


Don't Forget the Subtitles

Subtitles are absolutely amazing for social video, and for more reasons than you think. First and foremost, subtitles allow the hearing impaired members of your audience to join in the video fun and discussions about your video content. That alone is a good enough reason to add subtitles but it actually goes further than that. Many of your viewers will be watching at work, school, or in other public situations where they can't politely use sound.  Whatever the reason your viewers can't hear the video, a high-quality subtitles track makes sure that everyone can be included in your social video campaign.


Make Use of Trending Hashtags and Headlines

There's nothing more important to the social media culture than trends. What people are talking about today, the topics they're interested in, and the current events they're worked up about. Whether this week's biggest hashtag is a news story, staying apprised of the trends and working them into your video content is a great way to stay connected to your audience.


Share some of your Fans Content

Social media audiences love participation in the communities they join. Answering calls and messages is a great way to start the engagement process, but after a while, you will start to receive fan content submissions. Welcome them. Tell your social media community that you care about their opinions and their contributions to your brand or organization by featuring the best of their shared fan content with the entire online community.


The Videorize 360 Team