How to Create Content that Gets Likes

Content is king. But, with so many brands embracing content marketing to connect with their audiences online, how do you separate yourself from the rest?

Consumers are actively seeking ways to find and engage with businesses that can offer solutions to their problems. They want you to show up when they're looking, you also want your content to be compelling enough that keeps them coming back to your pages. This is the essence of a strong content marketing strategy.

Here are tips on how to create content that gets likes and shares from your social media and blogging strategy. Implementing these tactics can help give you the slight edge in your content marketing.

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Create Content for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Social media algorithms are focused more on quality opposed to quantity. These metrics are largely based on engagement: how interactive people are with your message.

According to a Facebook the #1 social platform wants us  focus on creating "meaningful social interactions." Therefore, content that drives users to interact will receive better organic reach…particularly for their next post shared.

Great Images

Visuals are currency on social media. Stats and figures prove that image posts receive better engagement than just text-based.

However, most brands are using images to attract users. Stand out by only posting high-quality images to capture attention. They almost always get better results. When people are scrolling through their newsfeeds, you want them to STOP and look at your message. Colorful, unique, and interesting images that speak your brand seem to work best!

Videos Work best!

Did you know half a billion people are watching video on Facebook every day? Also, more people prefer to watch a live video on social media than read a blog (80%) or social media post (82%).

These staggering numbers reveal that video is vital to the engagement scene on social media…and has no intention of slowing down. Brands who fail to leverage the power of this tool will get left behind. People want more video…as a brand, you have to give the people more of what they want to succeed in an ever-growing, crowded space.


At Videorize 360, we've utilize our own video marketing campaigns regularly. Not only does this give our audience a chance to intimately connect with our brand and mission, it's also opened new revenue-generating opportunities that otherwise would've been missed without this campaign.

Therefore, videos can be a game changer in your social media marketing and overall digital marketing efforts. Reach out to us if you're ready to use the power of video to your advantage!

The Videorize 360 Team