How to Create Content for Blog Marketing Strategy


Headlines Makes or Breaks Your Success

Did you know 6 out of 10 people will share a headline on social media without even reading it? Your blog headline has a enormous impact on whether people will engage…or not. It's the first thing viewers see so it has to be interesting enough that will persuade visitors to read on.

So, spend some time crafting the finest headline for your blog post., numbers, how-to's, and questions perform well in getting views and shares. Also, include a descriptive word when possible to give it gusto. Consider using a headliner tool to help you create better headlines over time.

Finally, include a benefit or result people can expect to gain from your article.

Add Images and Interactive things

Like on social media, images help improve reader engagement while improving user-experience on your site. In fact, articles with an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.

Additionally, interactive content is a great way to keeping visitors on your website longer, hence boosting  SEO status. Content pieces such as videos, calculators, quizzes, surveys, and slideshows produce deeper levels of engagement opposed to simply reading straight text.

Liven up your blog content by including multiple images and an interactive piece when appropriate.

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Create Conversation

Your blog provides an opportunity to have a conversation with your audience. Because it's Awareness Stage content, oftentimes, it may be your visitor's first encounter with your brand. Keep them reading by speaking to them as if you were a face-to-face.

Answer questions that you know your audience is thinking about while reading your message. Use terms that are easy to understand and relatable. Lastly, let your personality shine through


Bring the Value

At the heart of inbound marketing is sharing content that solves problems and hits on your audience's pains and challenges. Doing so not only makes you relatable, it also cements your credibility and authority in your industry. Adding value is essential to building trust and standing out in a saturated space. Offer real solutions on how your audience can get from Point A to Point B to overcome a challenge or meet a goal. By providing your audience with high-value content, not only will they share it with their networks, they'll also keep coming back to your brand!

The essence of content marketing is to create content that offers solutions, value, and keeps your audience returning to your pages. Implementing these tips will help you consistently deliver these results in your content. Consequently, you'll build more opportunities to hone these new relationships into customers and fans of your brand.

The Videorize 360 Team