Full Service Video Hosting Platforms You Need to Consider


Looking for the right video host? External video hosting is the way to go if you want to make sure your website stays speedy and isn’t bogged down by bandwidth issues. Fortunately, most video hosting platforms provide a ton of extra features that help ensure your video is a success, like analytics, software integrations, and more — but, if your company is small or you’re just starting out with video marketing, how do you know which video host is right for you?

Keep in mind, these are third-party services, meaning they aren’t social communities you can search and explore the way you can with YouTube or Vimeo. But they do offer more robust services when it comes to video management and data reporting. Keep that in mind as you research the right provider for you and your company.

Vidyard is an all-in-one centralized video hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. It helps businesses manage and leverage video effectively, from the initial upload and hosting stage, to full analytics tools that give you a better picture of your audience and demographics. Vidyard’shas  robust  lead generation feature, excelling not only at increasing brand awareness and generating leads, but nurturing those leads and helping them convert into sales. Whether you want to gate your video with an email address field, or add a pop-out or final CTA to collect more user information, Vidyard makes the experience seamless. Custom plans average around $1,500 per month according to one source, which is a pretty significant yearly investment.


Wistia markets themselves as a solution for businesses that need video content for their websites, including marketing, support, and sales videos. They have a customizable video player that’s clean and sleek. They have great analytics that give you an aggregated view of your video’s performance – you can even drill down to an individual email address and see that person’s specific viewing activity. They also provide cool extra features like engagement graphs and heat maps that give you a clear idea of how your audience is consuming your content.

Wistia runs a subscription-based pricing model where you pay a flat rate per month for a certain number of videos, and then get charged extra for any video beyond that limit. Though they have a free plan, that plan only allows for 3 video uploads and only 200 GB of bandwidth per month, which can run out very quickly. Their Pro plan is $99 per month and allows for 10 free video uploads



Brightcove is a higher-end platform that focuses on doing more than just being a video host. They offer a full range of services, from consulting, strategy, and design services, to streaming, on demand, and live content hosting. Brightcove offers features no other platform does, like cloud video storage, HTML customization capabilities, geo-targeting, A/B testing, DVR functions – a breadth of tools that are wonderful if you know how to use them. Their lowest cost plan starts at $199 per month and gives you access to their social integration suite, interactive video tools, viewership analytics, and more. Their enterprise plan starts at $499 per month and provides you with all the live streaming and cloud tools you need. Custom pricing goes up from there.

SproutVideo offers a really clean and easy-to-use interface in addition to a ton of analytic and reporting data, but a little expensive.  SproutVideo seems to stand out the most when it comes to customer service. Every customer gets their own customer service representative and user questions are usually handled within one business day.  They have a number of package options, differing only in how much bandwidth and video storage they offer. The starter Sprout plan costs $59.99 per month and offers 125 viewer accounts, 5 team member accounts, and 500 GB of storage and bandwidth. Their Tree plan is $199.99 per month and offers 500 viewer accounts, 15 team member accounts, and 500 GB of storage and bandwidth. Finally, their Forest plan is $499.99 per month for unlimited viewer accounts, 50 team member accounts, and the same 500 GB of storage and bandwidth.

So which one is right for you?

If you want an easy experience that’ll get you lots of views, you’ll want to stick to a free tool like YouTube. If you want a community of video professionals and the chance to shine in a high-quality environment, Vimeo may be right for you. But if your goal is to gain detailed reporting, actionable insights, and a robust hosting solution that’ll integrate fully with all your marketing software, a third-party solution may be the right fit.

The Videorize 360 Team