Best Times to Post on Social Media

Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to his or her active social times. So what are the best times to post to your social media accounts? Depending on your particular brand, service or standing on social media there may be better times than others that peak for your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. There isn’t a magical time that will be universal and guaranteed to work, however, there are specific times that have been tested for companies, brands, and influencers to get in on some of the social media interaction.



Facebook is a big social media platform that is all about pay to play, so building up your business or brand pages can take some elbow grease and money. According to many big name brands, the times that work best for them on Facebook have been anywhere from 1 pm to 4 pm (to get the most clicks and shares. You could have some success posting in the dead of night for those insomniacs out there. The majority of posts being successful are on Thursday and Fridays.

Here at Vidoerize360, depending on your frequency of posting, we think it’s best to be consistent and active. Being active and engaging in the conversation your customers are having, can help spike your interaction rates and increase your click through rate.



This one is tough. Depending on whom you follow and the types of things you post, the peak times can vary. For the adventurous types and weekenders, your weekends could be packed with hearts galore and followers. For foodies and restaurants it’s probably during the week at lunchtime, if you offer specific perks for follows. The average day for highest interaction is Monday between 2 and 4 P.M.


social media 2.jpeg


Twitter is a live feed app that updates every second which can be great when you’re constantly on it “live tweeting” however it can be difficult to stay on top of the list without getting buried by other tweets. The best thing to do is to tweet each day and experiment with various times to see how active and when your followers will be. Remember, many people will search manually for the brands they love or for specific hash tags at different times of the day so it’s important to tag and hash tag correctly. The best times that have worked on average for brands are Monday through Friday for B2B marketing from 2-6 P.M., and Saturday and Sundays for B2C marketing.



Pinterest is the weekend party board for everything from DIY tips and tricks, to shopping hacks, wardrobe and holiday décor. Pinterest has is big time peak on Saturday evenings from 7-12 P.M. but depending on your product it varies. Moms, bloggers and the crafty types can peak during the week on Thursdays.

Pick your poison and see what happens throughout the week. Test with different times and days. Depending on your content and tagging, things could change. It’s all up to you to craft your stellar online presence. Let us help you with one of our amazing social media management packages. Send our social media manager an email so we can set you up with a creative call today.

The Videorize 360 Team