How Explainer Videos Help Boost Website Conversions


Explainer videos are a great way to show the value of your company and services, especially if they’re a bit complex. We’ve written entire blog posts that show all the terrific benefits of strong explainer videos.

What you might not know, however, is the effect they can have on your metrics. Whether you’re trying to increase sales, newsletter subscriptions, or something else, studies prove that explainer videos are the king of conversion.

Here’s why explainer videos work so well, and what steps you can take to ensure success:

Why Explainer Videos Are So Effective

The key to building great explainer videos is knowing exactly why they work so well. Here are some of the reasons that explainer videos drive customers to take action:

People Don’t Like to Read

Unfortunately, attention spans are getting shorter and people are looking to receive their information as simply as possible. Before they even read a single word, 60% of people will watch a video. If you do get somebody to read, it’s likely that they’ll simply scan the text for key ideas. Using a video is the best way to get vital information across.

It Covers All Your Bases

Not everybody prefers to learn the same way, and you need your message to reach everybody. Whether your audience prefers to learn visually, audibly, or a combination of the two, an explainer video has you covered.

Pitches Are Boring

If you’re trying to sell something, technical specifications and sales jargon aren’t going to entice anybody. You need something that demands attention and engages your audience. Videos are a great way to show some personality and liven that sales pitch up a bit.

They’re Shareable

Word-of-mouth and recommendations are the golden egg for sales. If friends and colleagues recommend a product, it carries more weight than an advertisement ever could. Creating videos that are easily shared is a great way to encourage organic recommendations without pushing for them.


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Building the Perfect Explainer Video

Creating great explainer videos is all about showcasing your products in a clear, engaging manner. You want to grab attention from the very beginning, and talk about the points that your audience cares the most about. You can detail all of the other stuff in the technical specifications. Research shows your video needs to stay under two minutes, or it risks alienating your audience.

If you’re trying to find successful explainer videos to emulate, we have you covered. Take the time to check some of our Samples .. If you need a bit more help with your explainer videos, reach out to us here at Videorize 360. We have over 20 years of marketing expertise in a wide variety of channels – videos included. We’ll be able to help you plan your videos, create them, and track them for success.

The Videorize 360 Team